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Testimonials for Forest East Web Development Service’s Website SEO, Design and Development Service

Groby Tae Kwon-Do

Instructor: Sheryl Freer (4th degree black belt)

Groby Tae Kwon-Do’s Homepage "I’ve been advertising in the local areas where my club is based, I’ve spent lots of money on leaflet drops (5,000 leaflets) in the local paper, I’ve put on regular club demonstrations and I’ve even spent good money on taking out advertising space in the local "ad mags", but none has been as effective as my Website and facebook page!

"People say that the Website is fantastic, effective, the best they’ve seen, easy to use and well laid out. What’s more, it helps me cut down on my costs (no more expensive leaflet drops!). Plus the fact that it gives me an easy and effective way of communicating with my students via my website’s club newletter.

"My club has grown to the point where I’ve had to move to Groby Community [it was a small hall where the club used to train at Kirby Muxloe Primary School]. It was either that or put on another session!"

Leicestershire Tae Kwon-Do

Instructor: James Freer (6th degree black belt)

James Freer’s Previous Website Leicestershire Tae Kwon-Do’s Homepage "I was very impressed with what Forest East Web Development Servcies did for my wife and her club that I asked them to create a global website for my three clubs too.

"I’d previously paid £600 for a website that didn’t do the business. It looked amateurish. Quite poor actually! Fortunately, that website no longer exists as I chose not to renew with them.

"I'm also getting lots of calls from companies claiming to be able to keep me at the top of Google [search for ’Self Defence Leicester’], that if I didn't stay with them my website would suffer. I just say ’No thank you. Yes thank you I have someone doing this for me already. Bye! ’.

"I’m very pleased with what's been done for me. They know what they’re doing, and like me, they’re straight talking! All I have to do now is to sort myself out and send them images for the gallery and news updates on a regular basis!

"[UPDATE - 20/02/2014] - They've changed my website so that I can update it myself - complete with a DIY dummy’s guide!"

Lutterworth Tae Kwon-Do

Instructor: James Bryne (3rd degree black belt)

Lutterworth Tae Kwon-Do’s Homepage "I opened a new Tae Kwon-Do school from scratch with no students, in an area with an already well establish Tae Kwon Do club! At first I thought a Website would be too expensive but Real Solutions offered me just the type of Website I was after (and at a cost I could afford!).

"They said that there were no guarantees but when searching for "Martial Arts Lutterworth" or "Tae Kwon-Do Lutterworth", my club comes up on the first page with a tag on a map to show its location. Not only have I secured new members because of this site, but any promotion I do includes the web address.

"I feel people trust my credibility because of the site and what’s more, the professional look fits the type of impression I am trying to make with my promotion.

"Lets face it, would you trust any organization, business or club without a professional Website these days? - So let Forest East Web Development Services take care of this for you, which they did with no hassle at all."

Sileby TAGB

Instructors: Gary Vickers (3rd degree black belt), Jayne Banks (1st degree black belt)

Sileby TAGB’s Previous Website Sileby TAGB’s Homepage "We had an existing website that was not maintained at all (we're not technical!), and needed to find an affordable web design and development company that wouldn’t rip us off.

"Through word of mouth, we’d heard of Forest East Web Development Services and what they’d done for Sheryl Freer. We approached them with an idea and they came up with the goods.

"Still lots to do but that’s down to us to give them the content and the photographs for the image gallery! Really happy with what they’ve done so far."

Comer Industries (UK) Ltd

General Manager: Vincenzo Vanni

Comer Industries (UK)’s Homepage "I like what Forest East Web Development Services do and how they operate. Forest East Web Development Services pointed out to us that we were paying £120 to a third party just for the domain name for no reason whatsoever. Within days, they sorted this out for me at a fraction of the cost!

"After 2 hours of consultation, I knew what had to be done.

"Increasing profit and reducing costs is what every business tries to do. As managing director, I asked Forest East Web Development services to help set up Sage 50 Accounts Professional at Comer: to ensure the transfer of over 9000 stock items from the old system into the new, to train the staff, to set up the reports, to bring a more modern way of working.

"Job done.

"Another problem which they solved (and which is now being widely adopted by Comer) was how to produce a list of the many parts that are required to build an industrial planetary gearbox (given that a gearbox has many sizes and many ratios).

"A new website, galleries, facebook page, Google Maps, SEO that’s starting to come through, planetary gearbox selection tool, I am pleased with what theys have done for my company, and I look forward to our continued cooperation."