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Why Do I Need a Website?

When was the last time you sat down and read through every advert in a newspaper or ad-mag? If you need to find a local service, where would you start looking? The internet.

Local newspapers, leaflet drops and ad-mags are less effective in advertising than a Website because most people simply bin them. And, unlike a website, if you wish to re-advertise, you have to pay again!

A website's target audience is not limited to just one area (unlike local newspapers, ad-mags and leaflet drops). And because everybody has a computer with access to the internet nowadays, people search the web and visit Websites for all manner of things; the internet is the high street and websites are the shops.

Forest East Web Development Services can help if you...

  • have an idea for a website, but are afraid of how much it will cost to create?
  • pay extortionate prices for the maintenance of your website?
  • want your website to appear higher up in Google's search results?
  • want to integrate Facebook and Twitter into your website but don't know how?
  • want to let people know where you are via Google Maps?

We're straight talking, we care about our clients and we don't charge an arm and a leg for any of our services.

I Want a Website!

Here's the process:

  • Step 1. Take a look at our services and pick the one that suits you best.
  • Step 2. Send us an email to, or drop us a line on 0759 162 8370. We'll discuss your requirements with you.
  • Step 3. Once we've done the initial consultation, a setup fee is payable upfront - after this, we'll start work.
  • Step 4. Send us the content, images and other required content for your website.
  • Step 5. Website approval, final payment and release.

Note - if you can provide the text content and images quickly, then this will speed up the whole Website development process but typically, it can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to develop a website from scratch.

Don't forget to take a look at our testimonials page, and see how we've helped our clients.

Our Services

  • Free 1 hour consultation with you the client
  • Initial website design and client approval
  • Website development which includes:
    • A site map to allow visitors to navigate their way around the Website with ease
    • Easy to use navigation menu
  • Website release to the world wide web once we have your approval and sign off!
  • Regular Google Analytics reports - so you know who’s been visiting your website, what’s the most popular content on your Website and so on
  • Includes Search Engine Optimisation Service

Google Analytics Our website design and development service is aimed at small businesses and individuals. We create simple, yet effective websites that comply with the W3C web accessiblity guidelines.

If you need webhosting/renewal services then we can take care of this for you too. Just ask!

  • Full website technical review
  • Full website optimisation
  • Regular reporting
  • Submission to all the major search engines including Google, Bing(MSN) and Yahoo
  • Submission to specialist directories
  • Google Map optimisation service
  • Facebook and Twitter setup and linking to your website

Example of Search Results using Google UK With our search engine optimisation service, we will do our best to improve your website's position in Google UK's search results.

Remember that search engine optimisation is not an exact science and results will vary. It may not always be possible to get a Website appear on page 1 of Google as it depends on so many factors.

Some of our most recent clients and their search results are listed in the table below:

Keyword Website Position in Google UK1
Family Tae Kwon-Do (c20 million) #6 #8 (c20 million) #9 (c20 million) #15 (c20 million) #19 (c20 million)
Family Martial Arts Leicester #3 (c1 million) #8 #9
Family Martial Arts Leicester - Google Map Listing #1 #2
Childrens Martial Arts Leicester #10 (c141,000)
Self Defence Asfordby #1, #2, #3 (c7,000)
Self Defence Classes Charnwood #1 (c257,000)

eg search for "family tae Kwon do" in Google, and you will see that appears as #6 out of c20 million search results.

1 - As of 10/02/2014

  • Unlimited website updates for small websites (eg 1-3 pages)
  • Includes a full website technical review

This service is ideal for small businesses or people who don't have the time, experience or tools to maintain a website themselves or who have lost contact with the original developers.


Services and Costs
1. Web Design and Development
£250* for a 1 to 3 page website1 (additional pages @ £25 each)
2. Search Engine Optimisation
£1500/Year - up to 10 pages (additional pages @ £25 each)
£375/Quarter - up to 5 pages1 (additional pages @ £25 each)
£125/Month - up to 3 pages1 (additional pages @ £25 each)
3. Website Maintenance
£120* per Website for the whole year
4. Additional consultation fees
£25* per hour

Unlike other Web SEO, design and development companies, there's no binding contract and no monthly fees.

1 - £150 non refundable setup fee applies.